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Nickerson Beach Excursion

Nickerson Beach, Long Island, New York



 Nickerson Beach on Long Island, New York's south shore is a haven for bird photography. The beach is home to huge nesting colonies of hundreds of terns and black skimmers as well as nesting oystercatchers, plovers and gulls. The large number and variety of birds in one spot makes this a perfect place to practice wildlife photography and build your portfolio. A favorite is working on images of birds in flight, as the numerous birds are very active to feed their chicks.


Oystercatchers in FlightOystercatchers in FlightNickerson Beach, NY

Oystercatcher Chicks


A full day workshop at Nickerson Beach begins just before sunrise, where we meet in the main lot for a brief introduction and gear check. We make our way to the beach to the first bird colony as the sunrise light begins to peak. Moving along the beach, we go over the main aspects of bird photography from settings to composition and storytelling imagery. With the number and variety of birds present, there is lots to practice.



After a break for lunch, the day continues moving along the beach to the next nesting colony. Afternoons often bring the black skimmers in on the far side and attention will be given to photographing them as they skim the water for fish. There will also be time set aside to photograph smaller nesting birds and chicks present such as the popular piping plovers and oystercatchers. As the last of the sunset light hits the beach we will end the day focusing on environmental portraits capturing the grander scene.


Skimmers and Terns in FlightSkimmers and Terns in FlightNickerson Beach, NY Black Skimmer



Small Group & Private Workshops


Half Day Workshop - Sunrise to Sunset: $125

One Sunrise or Sunset session. Approx. 4 hours of shooting and instruction. 

Full Day Workshop - Sunrise to Sunset: $250

Photograph from sunrise until 11am, break for lunch, then meet at 1pm to shoot until sunset. Approx 10 hours of shooting and instruction.

Weekend Workshop- Two Full Days of Sunrise to Sunset: $500

Two Full Day sessions with the addition of a Photo Review session and dinner in the evening on Day One. Lodging and meals are not included.


To inquire or book your reservation now, Contact Kate.

Semipalmated Sandpiper