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Barnegat Excursion

Barnegat Light, New Jersey

Barnegat Jetty is an amazing hotspot to find waterfowl in the winter, nesting plovers and terns in the spring and a wide variety of shorebirds all year round. The span of the jetty rock follows the inlet and provides a wonderful vantage point to watch and photograph these wild birds up close. Beyond the jetty there are 32 acres of dunes and beach of the state park to explore. Oh and did I mention the picturesque 172 foot red and white Barnegat Lighthouse? Barnegat really is a gem of a spot for both wildlife and landscape photographers.

Purple Sandpiper

The time of year that you visit Barnegat makes a difference. In winter you can find harlequin duck, long-tailed duck, eider, merganser, scoter, gannet, purple sandpipers, brant, loons, grebe, cormorant, dunlin, ruddy turnstone, snow bunting and more. While winter at Barnegat is known for its migratory waterfowl, the warmer months bring rare breeding birds.  In the spring the stars are the nesting piping plovers and terns as well as an equal variety of shorebirds.


Of note is the terrain at Barnegat jetty. The rock of the jetty can be very slippery so care must be taken. Good balance and proper footwear are a must! Flip flops and open backed sandals or other usual beach footwear are not suitable for this type of environment. That being said there is another option. Closer to the lighthouse there is a 1000+ foot concrete walkway with railing that runs partway down the inlet. Great photographs of the birds can also be had from this vantage point!

Ruddy Turnstone


Small Group & Private Workshops

Half Day Workshop - Sunrise to Sunset: $125

One Sunrise or Sunset session. Approx. 4 hours of shooting and instruction. 

Full Day Workshop - Sunrise to Sunset: $250

Photograph from sunrise until 11am, break for lunch, then meet at 1pm to shoot until sunset. Approx 10 hours of shooting and instruction.

Weekend Workshop- Two Full Days of Sunrise to Sunset: $500

Two Full Day sessions with the addition of a Photo Review session and dinner in the evening on Day One. Lodging and meals (excluding the review dinner) are not included.


To inquire or book your reservation now, Contact Kate.