Torva Terra LLC | Whitesbog Photography Excursion

Special Whitesbog Photography Excursion

Coming Fall 2013

This photo excursion will focus on the annual cranberry harvest and historic town of Whitesbog Village. The village itself was constructed between 1890 and 1925. It has a general store and other buildings such as barns, cottages, water tower, barrel factory, and warehouses that time has given a rich patina. The focus of this excursion will be not only on the town itself but also on the cranberry harvest that so defined this region. This time of year the bogs are lush with ripe cranberries and the late fall colors of the trees surrounding provide a multitude of possibilities. We have secured special permission to work around the bogs and get up close and personal to a process steeped in history. 

The core of this excursion will be a two hour bus tour of the cranberry harvesting, followed by a walking tour around the bogs at sunset. Due to safety and liabilities, photographs of the harvesting can only be made from the bus. However, we have been given permission to walk around after the harvesters are done at 4:30PM, which they have never done before!

Participants should dress accordingly as it does get chilly on fall days, and as we are working around bogs you may get your shoes wet. Boots are recommended.

Optional Full Day - Whitesbog has much to offer. Should you choose, you can come early to do the driving tour and walking trails. The driving trail is a 3 mile loop of the bogs and area. The other trails traverse through the surrounding pine barrens and boardwalk above the older bogs. For more information on the driving tour and trails click HERE.



Whitesbog Village (Click HERE for directions)

120 N. Whitesbog Road, Browns Mills, N.J. 08015

(609) 893-4646


Workshop Leaders:

Corinna Alumah Rivkah Zipp - -

Kate Garibaldi - -



2:00PM - Meet at the Whitesbog Visitor Center (120 N. Whitesbog Road, Browns Mills, N.J. 08015)

Photograph the general store and surrounding buildings

3:00PM - Two hour bus tour of the cranberry harvest

5:00PM - Walking tour. Photograph the cranberries and the setting sun over the bogs


Excursion Fee:

TBD - We are splitting the actual cost of this trip (bus tour, grounds permission, etc) among the participants. More details to come.



"Your use of the extended Whitesbog area and the driving trail is strictly at your own risk. The Trust accepts no responsibility for any damage to your vehicle or injury to drivers and passengers. The Trust makes no representations, expressed or implied, about the suitability and safety of the trails and Whitesbog areas for recreational use and driving. Anyone using the trails and Whitesbog areas releases the Trust from any damage, injury or harm which may occur during such usage. Before starting your tour, stop in at the Visitors Center, pick up a map and check on road conditions around the area.  Weather and other natural events can impact the roadway.  Enjoy your visit!"