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"Kate's tours are meticulously organized and she is an exceptional and patient teacher. Catering to all levels of experience I learned more with Kate in a week than I would have learned from months of coursework.  At the same time I saw spectacular scenery and wildlife that I would never have found on my own.  My initial Iceland tour was so outstanding that my husband and I both joined Kate's Alaskan wildlife tour the following year.  We couldn't recommend her more highly."
Linda Fox - Australia

Workshop FAQ


Workshop Style

Torva Terra Workshops are built to be both a vacation as well as an educational experience. We cap our trips at 8 guests so that you have ample time to get your shot and ask questions. There is a strong foundation of building your portfolio as well as building you up as a photographer no matter your skill level. Our goal is for you to go home with a collection of diverse new photographs and a stronger understanding of composition, story-telling imagery, and post processing. That being said, we also want you to have a comfortable and enjoyable experience therefore we are careful in our selection of itinerary and accommodations.


Yes, We Are A Real Business

Torva Terra LLC is a fully registered LLC in the State of Pennsylvania. We are a small business where you are treated as a valued client and friend rather than just another number packed into a tour bus.


Cancellations or Refunds

We understand that sometimes things come up and you may not be able to attend the workshop that you registered for. If you need to cancel, all deposits are nonrefundable. Refunds on other payments are done on a case by case basis based on booking details. For example, on workshops where accommodations are included, most of your workshop fee was paid already to book your hotels or lodges.

If we are able to fill your spot we can refund your payment minus the deposit. All cancellations requested 120 days prior to the workshop date are not eligible for refunds. 

Please note that on some workshops where we stay at wilderness lodges or aboard ships, we cannot offer a refund as that is the policy of the lodge or ship's booking details. This will be noted on that workshop's page. It is due to this complicated nature of booking trips at different destinations that refunds are handled on a case by case basis.

We do reserve the right to cancel or change a trip, at any time due to insufficient bookings and/or reasons beyond our control that might create unsafe or undesirable travel conditions for the participants. However, the financial liability of Torva Terra, LLC shall be limited to the amount paid to Torva Terra, LLC for the Workshop only and shall not be extended to cover any other associated travel costs incurred (e.g. non-refundable air tickets, visa fees if applicable, clothing, equipment, miscellaneous transportation costs, medical expenses, travel insurance premiums, etc.).


Travel Insurance

All guests are required to obtain Travel Insurance to cover if you need to cancel or for unexpected circumstances that may affect your trip. Different insurance policies offer coverage for different situations for example some policies cover baggage loss, trip delay, cancellation or even medical emergency. Travel Insurance can often be booked along with your airline flight.


Weather, Wildlife and More

Workshops are rain or shine events! Details including itinerary may change up to and during the trip as we make use of weather and lighting conditions, etc. The wildlife on our workshops is just that, wild, so we cannot guarantee their cooperation in photo shoots.




Ready for your adventure?

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FinallyFinallyStory: That feeling when the clouds finally parted after many days of rain. Lupine Under Stormy SkiesLupine Under Stormy SkiesStory: A summer storm during the famed midnight sun clouds the sky over a vast field of lupine wildflowers. The sheer acres of flowers were breathtaking in number as they stretched as far as the eye could see in every direction. The Berserker's FieldThe Berserker's FieldStory: Berserkjahraun is an enormous field of 3-4,000 year old lava that gets its name from the Icelandic Eyrbyggia Saga. (The Icelandic Sagas are prose historic literature of the thirteenth and fourteenth centuries.) This eerie natural wonder is slowly being reclaimed by nature. Delicate mosses and grasses contrast beautifully with the rich dark volcanic ash and basalt of past eruptions. Into the Icy LagoonInto the Icy LagoonStory: Jökulsárlón Glacial Lagoon is a lake full of gigantic icebergs calved from the Breiðamerkurjökull glacier. The sheer size and number of icebergs, each carved by time, is breathtaking. Varying from bright blue to pure milky white each one is unique. Some of the ice is still speckled with rich black volcanic ash from ancient eruptions. To stand in this place you feel frozen in time.